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About KoinZ PBLLC


KoinZ leads the research, design and execution of a metaverse that unites and empowers organizations to develop their most powerful resource: each other.


The Ethiopian proverb maintains, “when spiders unite, they can tie up a lion.” We spin a web of KoinZ to tame society’s lions.


We interrupt perpetual systems of inequality, social stratification and rugged individualism, embracing an ethos of “it takes a village.”

ESG Commitment

Our metaverse mirrors positive attributes of how we socialize and learn while significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Perpetual Wealth Gaps Interrupted

KoinZ designs the closure of wealth gaps in regions across the world by orchestrating a virtual reality ecosystem that delivers quality services, education and networking opportunities.


KoinZ dismantles three barriers created by systemic racial and socioeconomic biases:

Education Equity. – Career Mobility. – Wealth Generation


KoinZ designs a metaverse where superior services converge to mirror real-world application, bridging the divide between theoretical knowledge and practical execution.

KoinZ capitalizes on the immersive capabilities of VR to provide a digital ecosystem that hosts a myriad of corporate, education and social impact organizations. This collaborative platform is designed to offer practical education, training, career opportunities, simulations mimicking real-world scenarios and networks thereby enhancing the skills necessary for success in the 21st-century.

Powerd By



KoinZ offers the design of large-scale events to education institutions, regional and multinational organizations.


A multifaceted approach to designing the platform is shared between KoinZ and its customers.

ESG Transparency

A synopsis of KoinZ environment, social and governance audits are published annually.


Employees are stationed at the community center to provide real-time customer coaching and support.


Various data visualizations on the platform’s usage are gathered and shared with partnering organizations.


Customers gain access to a variety of social outlets in the KoinZ metaverse and through organized events offline.




Convertable Debt

We invite you to participate as an early-stage investor, earning a discounted rate of up to 18% per share as a founding contributor.

Private Equity

KoinZ PB LLC will offer both preferred and common stock shares following its Series A round of funding, outlined in its Private Placement Memo. 

Nonprofit Investing

KoinZ is positioned to add public benefit shares of stocks and bonds in the form of noncash charitable gifts through a brokerage account.